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Psychotherapy in anorexia nervosa: what does the absence of evidence mean? WJTM, 2014

Psychological treatment in anorexia nervosa (AN) is disheartening. Psychotherapy is the “treatment of choice” for adults though this recommendation is grounded on the absence of good quality clinical studies. This paper seeks to address the question of why improvements in the psychological treatment of AN have been thwarted, and why one of the best treatments available for adult patients is specialist supportive clinical management that has entered the stage through the backdoor of nonspecific supportive treatments originally serving as a placebo treatment assigned in randomized clinical trials to control for non-specific aspects of true psychosocial treatments. The possibility that most of the psychopathological features that characterise the AN symptoms profile could be best understood as the direct consequences of emaciation would enhance the utility of research with animal models for generating new hypothesis to improve AN treatment.

Gutierrez, E., Carrera, O. World Journal of Traslational Medicine,  2014,  3(3):150-157