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Etiquetas: anorexia nerviosa

Fecha: 15/02/2018
Categoría: Investigación
Recently, Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM) has once again been found to be equally efficacious in comparison to the Maudsley model of anorexia nervosa treatment for adults (MANTRA) and an enhanced version of cognitive behavior therapy treatment (CBT-E), even though: ‘It was hypothesized that CBT-E and MANTRA would be superior to SSCM in terms of weight gain and eating disorder psychopathology as they both focus on specific maintaining processes’ (Byrne et al. 2017, p. 2824). It is interesting to stress that in this study the developers of the specialized brand-name treatments were involved in the design and monitoring of the study, which guaranteed that the appropriate version of the treatment was used in this randomized clinical trial.